Summer Jobs 253

All Opportunities Filled: Join the Waitlist, Apply for Summer Credential Programs

Unfortunately, all of our Jobs 253 service opportunities for summer 2023 are filled, but you can join the Jobs 253 waitlist to be notified this summer and fall when positions become available.

Students can also sign up to participate in one of the Summer Credential Programs. All of these programs come with a $500 completion stipend.

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What Tacoma high school students gain from our Jobs 253 employment program

  • 40 hours of job training and experience 
  • High school credit 
  • An academic completion bonus 
  • Basic work readiness 
  • Resume/interview skills 
  • Increased self-confidence and personal growth 

Jobs 253 offers TPS sophomores and juniors the opportunity to earn high school credit for graduation while gaining meaningful work experience through 40 hours of work experience and life skills. The City of Tacoma partners in funding up to a $500 stipend (per experience) students receive when they fulfill the program requirements. During the summer, students have the option of participating in an extended, 80-hour experience for a $1000 stipend. Note: students who meet the criteria for an 80-hour experience will be contacted directly after completing and fulfilling their 40-hour program requirements.

Students can earn a .5 CTE elective course for completing a self-directed Next Move Intro Course which develops professional skills essential to success in the workplace.

View Current Jobs 253 Opportunities

Jobs 253 stipend application process

  1. Review available Jobs 253 opportunities.
  2. Complete the Jobs 253 sign-up form. Students must be logged in to their TPS student account to access the form. Completing this form does not guarantee a Jobs 253 placement.
  3. After completing steps 1 and 2, you will receive an email with the next steps to complete.

If approved and placed in an opportunity, you will receive a confirmation email and then be asked to complete a W9 tax form before starting your experience.

At the end of your experience

You will need to complete and upload the following documents using our Microsoft form to qualify for your credit and stipend at the end of your experience:


It is your responsibility to complete any necessary requirements and upload your documents appropriately. Failure to satisfy these requirements may impact your eligibility for this program. Students are limited to two Jobs 253 experiences during their academic career.

Why complete a Jobs 253 experience

  • Develop meaningful job experience and leadership skills in students.
  • Benefit a school, neighborhood, and/or community in specific ways.
  • Is deemed safe by parent, guardian, school staff, or organizational staff.
  • Student service work hours are completed under the supervision of an approved Jobs 253 partner organization (nonprofit, government agency, or local business).