PACE Program

PACE is a program at Tacoma Online that pairs every student with an educator who serves as their PACE coach. The PACE coach is each student and family's first point of contact at Tacoma Online and also a resource for their social and emotional learning. The PACE coach meets weekly with each student to monitor their progress toward their Personalized Learning Plan, making plan adjustments along the way. Additionally, each PACE coach offers daily meetings with small groups of students and is a resource for each of their students' social and emotional learning. The connections made in PACE groups, both student-to-student and teacher-to-student are the key to Tacoma Online's personalized approach to learning.

PACE Weekly 1:1 Meetings

These meetings are required by state law and become the student's attendance record. PACE Coaches will schedules these meetings with you at a mutually agreed upon time. The meetings are about 15 minutes and occur over TEAMS video-chat.

To prepare for weekly meeting between students and their PACE Coach, each student will complete the following short form prior to their meeting each week.

PACE Weekly 1:1 Middle and High School Meeting Prep Form

PACE Weekly 1:1 Elementary School Meeting Prep Form

PACE Monthly PLP Review Meeting

Roughly once a month, you and your PACE teacher will look over the past month's schoolwork and progress and discuss what changes you should make, if any, to accelerate your progress at TOL. Shortly after this meeting, your PACE coach will complete a form noting these plans. The results of this meeting will be mailed to the student, the primary guardian, and the PACE Coach.

Description of TOL PACE Program