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What's it like going to online school? The answer to this question is as unique as our students! Watch this video and see how TOL works for Ronnie and his family

Check out this One-Pager for an overview of how Tacoma Online Middle & High School works

Curriculum at Tacoma Online

Tacoma Online is staffed with certified Tacoma teachers who use the Edgenuity curriculum to guide student learning. Edgenuity is one of the largest online curriculum providers in the nation with over 4 million students engaged. Tacoma teachers work with each student and are able to customize courses as they work to meet individual students where they are and help them achieve their goals. Tacoma Online offers AP, foreign language, college prep, Career and Technical Education courses in grades 7-12, and a host of elective courses though course options may differ from what is available in other TPS schools.

Students graduating from the Tacoma Online School will receive the same diploma, the Certificate of Academic Achievement, offered by all Tacoma Public High Schools.

You can read a detailed description of each Edgenuity course (including some we don't yet offer at TOL) by clicking here!

PACE Program
The PACE program at Tacoma Online are at the heart of our design. PACE Coaches are the main point of contact for families and provide current information about what is happening at TOL. Your coach’s focus is to look out for their students’ social and emotional wellbeing, as well as to provide them with tools to support their academic achievement. Coaches may also act as a liaison to your student’s other teachers as well. It is very important, though not required, that students attend their PACE Group sessions when they occur on Monday and Friday mornings.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Students at Tacoma Online are able to participate in after-school activities like sports at their original home school building. Tacoma Online offers ASB and clubs and has plans for other after-school activities as we grow.

Middle School Course Catalog - 2022-2023

High School Course Catalog 2022-2023

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