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Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere learning

  • Flexibility and individualization of learning to meet each family and student’s unique needs
  • Live learning and class engagement opportunities daily
  • Every student in TOL K-5 will have a homeroom where they get to know the teacher and their classmates through class meetings and social emotional curriculum
  • Class size will follow the district class size guidelines
  • Differentiated instruction offered in small group and one on one setting for targeted academic support
  • Students will have opportunities for support from TOL counselors, support specialists, and program specialist. 
Tacoma Public Schools curriculum and instructional frameworks utilized in K-5 instruction
  • Certificated teachers trained in virtual instruction to deliver specialized, content specific instruction in grades K-5
  • Access to PE, Library and Music classes and lessons from Tacoma teachers
  • Special education support
  • English language Learner support
  • School and family partnerships
School community with opportunities for parent/family involvement and connection

There are some elements of in-person learning that can’t be replicated in an online class.  We are confident that through our strategic partnerships between the students, teachers, families and *learning coaches, we’ll be able to maximize the potential of every student. *Learning Coach: Being a parent or guardian of a Tacoma Online student requires the commitment of an adult learning coach. 90% of 2020-2021 TOL K-5 families indicated that their student need support from an adult learning coach some or most of the time. This partnership with teacher, student and family working and communicating together regularly allows for optimal student growth.

Clubs, Assemblies, and Celebrations
  • TOL students will have the opportunity to participate in clubs, extended learning opportunities, assemblies, and whole school learning celebrations.
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Optional in-person opportunities will be offered such as field trips and connection opportunities

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