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Have questions about your student? The best place to start is by contacting your student's PACE coach. For additional support or information, then contact their counselor or school principal. For district programs and supports, contact our district office.

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Shaun Martin

Principal (Grades K-12)

Ruth Schlattman

Assistant Principal (Grades K-6)

Paul Eliot

Assistant Principal (Grades 6-12)

Sandy Anderson

Library Teacher

Cynthia Banken

High School - Music Teacher, Middle School - Music Teacher

Keevil Bentson

Middle School - Science Teacher, High School - Science Teacher

Pilar Blazey

High School - Spanish Teacher, Middle School - Spanish Teacher

Roxanne Bynum

Enrollment & Records

Sara Carder

High School - English Language Arts Teacher

Kenna Carlson

Special Education Teacher- Secondary

Kim Cavanaugh


Sharmaine (Shar) Chittenden

01 - First Grade Teacher

Sarah Conn

High School - English-Language Arts Teacher, Middle School - English-Language Arts Teacher

Jupiter Crabtree

Middle School - Math Intervention Teacher

Damond Crump

Middle School - Math Teacher, High School - Math Teacher

Hillel Dalmat

Special Education Teacher

Allison D'Ambrosio

Middle School - Science Teacher, High School - Science Teacher

Erin Davis

Special Ed Lead - Middle School

Karen Dickinson

High School - English-Language Arts Teacher

Brittnee Dolphin

Special Education Teacher

Rebecca Foster

Secondary TOSA

Kenneth Freeberg

Edgenuity support & ALE Program Design

Brent Gaspaire

High School - Social Studies Teacher

Andrea Gordon


Brenda Gow

High School - Math Teacher

Claire Grant

Office Coordinator

Tari Griebel

Middle School - Social Studies Teacher, High School - Social Studies Teacher

Michelle Ha

High School Counselor (Last names M-Z)

Derek Hall

Middle School - Music Teacher, High School - PE Teacher

Jacob Hansen

High School - Math Teacher

Prema Higgins

High School Counselor (Last names A-L)

Alisa Howard

High School - Family & Consumer Science (CTE) Teacher

Stephanie Hurst

Middle School - ELA/Journalism Teacher

Shapriese Jamerson

050- Fifth Grade Teacher

Michael Justice

High School - Computer Science (CTE) Teacher

Aimee Kamla

K - Kindergarten Teacher

Marjorie Kellogg

Special Education Teacher

Joyce Key

High School - Business & Marketing (CTE) Teacher

Michael Kirlin


Ryan Kupfer

Orientation & Mobility

Sarah Lane

Instructional Facilitator (Elementary)

Kristina Lewin

High School - Science Teacher

Amy Lineaweaver

Speech-Language Pathologist

Stacey Logan

02 - Second Grade Teacher

Tony Lund

High School - Science Teacher

Brandy McCollim

Middle School - Elective Teacher

Sharon McGoogan

Middle School - Social Studies Teacher, High School - Social Studies Teacher

Ann McPartlon

Special Education Lead - High School

Barbara McPeak

Middle School - Math Teacher

Mackenzie Mercurio

PE/Music Teacher

Kasey Moan

Special Education Teacher- Elementary

Susan Mueller

High School - English-Language Arts Teacher

Katia O'Hara

05 - Fifth Grade Teacher

Carla Parker

High School - Math Teacher

Brandi Prestegaard

Office Manager K-12

Sarah Purdin-Golding

High School - Health/PE Teacher

Taylor Reyes

K -8 School Counselor

Elizabeth Richmond

04 - Fourth Grade Teacher

Todd Roos

Instructional Facilitator (Secondary)

Brandon Severance

Middle School - Spanish Teacher, High School - Spanish Teacher

Masha (Maria) Shepherd

Middle School - English Language Arts Teacher

Pat Silkett

K-5 LAP Teacher

James Stowe

Computer Science (CTE) Teacher

Debbie Sullivan

School Nurse

Isaac Thomas

04 - Fourth Grade Teacher

Patricia (Tricia) Turner

Occupational Therapist

Courtney Underwood

02 - Second Grade Teacher

Kelly Wadsworth

Special Education Teacher- Secondary

Melisa Walley

03 - Third Grade Teacher

Traci West

Special Education TOSA

Mardi Wilkins

High School - Social Studies Teacher

Dr. Betty Williams

Middle School - Elective Teacher, High School - Social Studies Teacher

Kobi Wilson

Middle School Special Education Teacher, High School Special Education Teacher

Olivia Wood

High School - American Sign Language (CTE) Teacher

Heidi Wygle

High School - Visual Art Teacher

Teri Lyn (Teri) Yoshikawa

Physical Therapist