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Free meals at school in 2022-23

TOL Families: More information about school meals coming soon. 

All students get free breakfast and lunch in the 2022-23 school year, regardless of income status.

This is a result of a federal school meal funding option that allows school districts with high eligibility for free- and reduced-price meals to provide free meals to all students. With this option, most students are also eligible for internet service discounts (depending on the provider) and other community-based discounts.


New process replaces free and reduced-price meal application

While meals for TPS students are free again this year, we will ask most families to fill out Household Information Surveys that collect data to support supplemental education programs. This replaces the Free and Reduced-Price Meal Application process. 

How can families access the Household Information Survey?

  • Students who receive state benefits such as through the SNAP program may not need to fill out a form. Families who are “directly certified,” or otherwise identified as eligible for benefits, will soon receive an email or letter from the district confirming this and do not need to fill out the survey.
  • Families who are not directly certified will soon get an email from the TPS Nutrition Services Department with a link to fill out the Household Information Survey. 
    • All kindergarten students will receive a paper survey from their school in September.
  • If you don’t receive this survey or a letter confirming your certification by the end of September, please contact your school’s office coordinator or Patsy Neas, or 253-571-3378.

Do you need a letter to qualify for low-income benefits and discounts?
If you need a qualifications letter for services such as free ASB cards or discounts on certain services, contact Patsy Neas at or 253-571-3378. 

More information 
Get more information here. 

Find out about pandemic EBT

Eligible families get their benefits on a P-EBT card in the mail automatically.

Learn more about P-EBT at or call the P-EBT Contact Center at 1-833-518-0282 with questions.

Student allergies

If your student has food allergies that your school does not already know about, please contact your school nurse – even if you don’t plan to have your student take school meals. Schools can make some meal accommodations for students with food allergies; ask your child’s health care provider to complete this form and submit it to your school nurse.  


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Additional Questions? 

(253) 571-3370
Fax 253-571-3377

Does your student have special dietary needs?

Contact your school nurse to arrange for doctor-recommended food accommodations.