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About TOL

Tacoma Online provides a personalized learning experience for students in kindergarten through grade 12. Students engage in academic learning led by teachers through a platform called Edgenuity at middle and high school and through Schoology at elementary school. While students generally participate in learning activities independently, they are provided multiple forms of support.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Tacoma Online students have the flexibility to learn from anywhere with the support and resources of Tacoma Public Schools at their fingertips. During enrollment, students are assigned to a cohort with opportunities for experiences that expand each student’s social, emotional and academic development.  Students can participate in co-curricular activities and athletics at their neighborhood school in addition to opportunities offered by Tacoma Online.

For many students with special needs and Individualized Education Plans, Tacoma Online is a perfect fit. Tacoma Online’s staff includes certified special education teachers who partner with general education teachers to customize learning to meet each student where they are.

To Enroll

We regret to inform you that enrollment for Tacoma Online (middle school and high school) and Tacoma Flex (middle school and high school) for the 2023-2024 school year has reached capacity, and we are currently unable to accept further registrations. Tacoma Online Elementary space, while limited, still has capacity as we work through the remainder of the year. We appreciate your interest in our programs.

We understand that each family's educational needs are unique, and we remain committed to supporting you in finding suitable solutions. Our dedicated Tacoma Online Administrative Support Team is available to offer personalized assistance and guidance as the school year progresses. Our registration/enrollment link will remain active for the remainder of the year and is also available to secure opportunities for the 2024-2025 school year - we look forward to serving you!

Tacoma Online Elementary accepts all enrollments up until the 15th day of the school year. After this date, we accept enrollment through a personalized approach that collaboratively explores each unique circumstance in collaboration with their parent/guardian. Please fill out this form and we will contact you via email to let you know about your enrollment request. 

Please visit our Enrollment page. Thank you for choosing Tacoma Online!

General Tacoma Online Questions

What's it like going to elementary school online?

Online students don’t spend all day being lectured by a teacher on a video conference. They participate in hands-on activities, meet online to play with friends, use self-directed online learning tools, and get personal attention from their teacher. And, like students at all TPS schools, they do art and participate in P.E., and music.

Watch Kindergartener Julian, his family, and his teacher explain why Tacoma Online is such a great fit for them.

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere learning

  • Flexibility and individualization of learning to meet each family and student’s unique needs
  • Live learning and class engagement opportunities daily
  • Every student in TOL K-5 will have a homeroom where they get to know the teacher and their classmates through class meetings and social emotional curriculum
  • Class size will follow the district class size guidelines
  • Differentiated instruction offered in small group and one on one setting for targeted academic support
  • Students will have opportunities for support from TOL counselors, support specialists, and program specialist. 
Tacoma Public Schools curriculum and instructional frameworks utilized in K-5 instruction
  • Certificated teachers trained in virtual instruction to deliver specialized, content specific instruction in grades K-5
  • Access to PE, Library and Music classes and lessons from Tacoma teachers
  • Special education support
  • English language Learner support
  • School and family partnerships
School community with opportunities for parent/family involvement and connection

There are some elements of in-person learning that can’t be replicated in an online class.  We are confident that through our strategic partnerships between the students, teachers, families and *learning coaches, we’ll be able to maximize the potential of every student. *Learning Coach: Being a parent or guardian of a Tacoma Online student requires the commitment of an adult learning coach. 90% of 2020-2021 TOL K-5 families indicated that their student need support from an adult learning coach some or most of the time. This partnership with teacher, student and family working and communicating together regularly allows for optimal student growth.

Clubs, Assemblies, and Celebrations
  • TOL students will have the opportunity to participate in clubs, extended learning opportunities, assemblies, and whole school learning celebrations.
  • Student leadership opportunities
  • Optional in-person opportunities will be offered such as field trips and connection opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions for TOL Elementary Grades

What's it like going to online middle and high school?

Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere learning

Check out this One-Pager for an overview of how Tacoma Online Middle & High School works

Curriculum at Tacoma Online

Tacoma Online is staffed with certified Tacoma teachers who use the Edgenuity curriculum to guide student learning. Edgenuity is one of the largest online curriculum providers in the nation with over 4 million students engaged. Tacoma teachers work with each student and are able to customize courses as they work to meet individual students where they are and help them achieve their goals. Tacoma Online offers AP, foreign language, college prep, Career and Technical Education courses in grades 7-12, and a host of elective courses though course options may differ from what is available in other TPS schools.

Students graduating from the Tacoma Online School will receive the same diploma, the Certificate of Academic Achievement, offered by all Tacoma Public High Schools.

You can read a detailed description of each Edgenuity course (including some we don't yet offer at TOL) by clicking here!

PACE Program

The PACE program at Tacoma Online are at the heart of our design. PACE Coaches are the main point of contact for families and provide current information about what is happening at TOL. Your coach’s focus is to look out for their students’ social and emotional wellbeing, as well as to provide them with tools to support their academic achievement. Coaches may also act as a liaison to your student’s other teachers as well. It is very important, though not required, that students attend their PACE Group sessions when they occur on Monday and Friday mornings.

Extra-Curricular Opportunities

Students at Tacoma Online are able to participate in after-school activities like sports at their original home school building. Tacoma Online offers ASB and clubs and has plans for other after-school activities as we grow.

Frequently Asked Questions for TOL Secondary Grades

Middle School Course Catalog

High School Course Catalog