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Thousands of students in grades K-12 today are using online education as a way of getting ahead, staying ahead, and graduating on time.

And as such, more and more parents are beginning to see the value in online learning and have begun enrolling their children in online education programs. But this wonderful new online opportunity comes in all shapes and sizes—so it’s important to be as educated as possible before making the leap to online learning.

As the first online virtual public elementary, middle, and high school in Tacoma, Tacoma Online (TOL) knows a thing or two about what it means to deliver a quality online education. At TOL, we are rooted in a fundamental dedication to personalized and student-centered learning.

At Tacoma Online, learning happens anytime, anywhere.

The common definition of anytime, anywhere learning is based on the notion that students can learn in school or at home at any time of the day using a digital or online tool. But this sounds like every other online learning program out there, doesn’t it? With Tacoma Online, there is a difference.

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