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A personalized learning experience. Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.


Serving K-12 students on a journey of lifelong learning through personalization, acceleration, connection, and empowerment.

Student Handbook

Tacoma Online Student Handbook 2021-2022 - Includes the Parent/Guardian and 6/12 Student Handbook Acknowledgement Forms

About Us 

Tacoma Online is a K-12 school that provides students an anywhere/anytime online school experience. Students engage in academic learning led by teachers through a platform called Edgenuity 3-12 and Schoology K-2. While students generally participate in learning activities independently, they are provided multiple forms of support.    

  • Students are assigned Tacoma Public Schools teachers for all of their courses. 

  • Student learning is personalized by their teachers.   

  • Daily opportunities are scheduled for students to meet with their teachers for academic assistance.

  • Students are also supported by daily meetings with their PACE Coach (homeroom or advisory teachers) designed to support independent learning.   

  • Students with an IEP have assigned special education teachers who provide support by collaborating closely with general education teachers, families and students to make appropriate modifications for student learning.  

  • Families will receive communications and updates from Tacoma Online weekly. 

  • At the secondary level, students have access to various extracurricular experiences (sports, clubs, etc.) at their home schools and Tacoma Online. 

  • At the secondary level, electives and courses offered through Tacoma Online will support promotion and graduation but may vary from the electives and courses available at other schools.  

  • At the elementary level, students can attend daily online class meetings with their teacher and peers at various times throughout the day. These can be small or large group meetings.